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Founder Prof. Dr. Albert Preu

Albert Preu was an outstanding lawyer in intellectual property law and is still recognised as such.

In the late 1940s, Albert Preu studied law at the University of Erlangen and developed a passion for patent law. Due to the importance of Munich as a location for patent law, Albert Preu moved to Munich where he founded an intellectual property law firm in 1959.

He remained associated with the University of Erlangen as a lecturer for intellectual property law and later as a visiting lecturer. His initiative led to the Preu Kurs, in which we continue to prepare patent attorneys for their examinations.

Albert Preu represented clients in numerous proceedings before the Federal Patent Court and the Federal Court of Justice and had a significant impact on the case law in intellectual property law.

With his comprehensive knowledge, his wealth of experience, his creative imagination and, in particular, his heart in the right place, Albert Preu was a role model to associates and co-workers. Albert Preu combined science and practice in an ideal way. The happy combination of theoretical thinking, practical experience and exceptional didactic talent have made him a great lawyer to this day.

For your intellectual property we create facts with all our strength.


We combine legal expertise with technical understanding. In this way we understand your intellectual property and achieve your goals.

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