Competition and Commercial

Unfair Competition

The law against unfair competition requires each entrepreneur to act with particular caution when approaching a consumer or interfering with a competitor’s interests. Possible pitfalls can be the compliance with data protection law, the meeting of obligations to provide information and of advertising requirements, the proper wording of general terms and conditions, or the presentation of the legal notice on a website. Competitors may send warning letters even for the slightest violations of the law. We will find and remove these pitfalls for our clients, represent their legal interests when they receive a warning letter and ensure that also competitors play by the rules.

Partnership Law

Our close relationship with patent attorneys is reflected in our comprehensive advice provided to colleagues who work as patent attorneys or as other professionals in all matters concerning their own firms. This includes complex issues relating to the rules of professional practice in an international context. In particular, we support patent attorneys not only in matters of intellectual property law, but also in their own interests.

Corporate and commercial law

Another focus of our expertise is corporate and commercial law, where we act in particular for small and medium-sized businesses. We assist primarily with company formations, mergers and acquisitions, restructurings and other corporate transactions. We support our clients in optimising their structures and in enforcing their shareholder rights. We have extensive experience as members of supervisory boards and advisory councils. This expertise in corporate and commercial law also pays off when it comes to enforcing rights in other areas of law, for example, in disputes between joint inventors.

Distribution law and antitrust law

In distribution law, we offer advice on structuring distribution systems, represent our clients in cases of conflict, in particular, in enforcing legal obligations arising from distribution agreements before state courts or arbitration tribunals.

We support our clients in solving antitrust matters arising from license agreements. We identify the possibilities and restrictions of European and national antitrust laws. Due to years of experience in mobile communication related patent litigation, we are experts in the field of standard essential patents and FRAND licenses.

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