UPC and Unitary Patent

News on the topics of the Unified Patent Court and the Unitary Patent


We combine legal expertise with technical understanding. In this way we understand your intellectual property and achieve your goals.


Excellence is in the details.

This is Preu Bohlig. Since 1959 an authority on industrial property rights. Today, we are one of the most renowned law firms in Germany in the fields of IP as well as  pharmaceutical law. We enforce your rights and defend them vigorously. This is how your company remains fit for the future.

Preu Kurs

You need a targeted preparation for your patent attorney exam. The Preu Kurs provides you with it.

Our aspiration. Successfully achieving yours.

What is typical for us? That we won so many landmark decisions. We defend technical innovations with legal creativity.

More than history. A wealth of experience.

This is Preu Bohlig. Since our founding in Munich in 1959, we have demonstrated professional excellence. To Prof. Dr. Albert Preu outstanding knowledge, an open mind and reliability were of great importance. Our clients still value precisely this attitude in us. We continue to feel committed to the principles of our founder.


This is Preu Bohlig. As a team, we are committed to you. We combine legal expertise and technical knowledge at the highest level. This is appreciated not only by our clients but also by peers and courts.

We share our insights. So that you have a head start in knowledge.

This is Preu Bohlig. Have the advantage of the crucial information. We are happy to share it with you. Please also read our newsletter. It keeps you up to date.

Preu Kurs

You would like to receive targeted preparation for your patent attorney exam. The Preu Kurs provides you with it. Twice a week, the lawyers of our law firm provide you with the knowledge you need.

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